Next Gigs:

photo: Camila Vale

Happy to bring news about next concerts.

Next week (22nd March) I’ll be joining a quartet with Adriana Sá, John Klima and Diana Combo for a concert at Teatro Maria Matos.

We’ve been working together on a graphic score written by Adriana. The music it creates is an invitation for immersion and contemplation. Adriana and John will be playing amplified strings and wires, Diana will play drums and I’ll play grand piano.
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On the following week (29th March), I’ll be heading Coimbra to play at Salão Brazil for a very special occasion; celebrating #PianoDay. There will be a workshop for the young, and, in the evening, I’ll do a Solo performance with my pieces; includes a glimpse on the new record to be released next year, and a couple of pieces written by some of my favorite composers.
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Last, but not least, celebrating the 125th anniversary of Federico Mompou, me Joana Gama, Marco Franco and Steven Gillon will be playing at the Magassessions. It will happen on the 15th of April.
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Hope to see you all there!


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