Release Date: 2007
Format: Digital
Artwork: Vasco Alves
Label: Merzbau
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Tiago Sousa: Tiago Sousa lives in Barreiro and is a member of Goodbye Toulouse and of Jesus, the Misunderstood. He began his solo work with Crepúsculo, an unquiet record that has been well received by the critics and by the concerned public. He crosses the use of the
piano with the experimentalism in search of a personal expression always with emotion as an objective.

SRX: This artist with Portuguese ascendance lives between valleys in the depths of the French interior. She got used to the presence of nature and to solitude that became fundamental elements in her art. Not being a gifted performer, Sandara lives of the raw expression of feelings and ideas. Her music wanders between the song and the improvised music with a mixture of mysticism and the sense of belonging. She has released By the way, Ordinary things on the French label Another Record in 2005.