19.01 Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisboa

photo: vera marmelo

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Tiago Sousa
Upright piano, electric organ and harmonium

Tiago Sousa presents the second volume of his Organic Music Tapes series – published by Sucata Tapes. In this album, we find, in counterpoint with his piano compositions, a strong presence of the electric organ. This cassette edition reveals a determinedly sonic motivation, influenced by the American minimalism of the 60s, particularly Terry Riley, Steve Reich, or Philip Glass, at the same time that a new character takes over Tiago’s pianistic discourse. Here we find organic compositions, in a fluid state, forming nebulae of sounds of indeterminate contours. Tiago’s music is woven with the very fabric of life – that gives form to rivers, that reveals the shape of the veins in wood, the fiber in muscles, or the marks on a Jade stone. We are talking about spontaneous patterns, whose great virtue comes from not necessarily needing a master or engineer, irregular like the foam of the waves or a starry night, and that, in a mysterious way, exert a deep interest.

“We can be in tune with time, we can be a slave to time or we can be in total aspiration trying to catch time. There must be a forth way: to flow with time. This is the organic way. The organic music society way.” Don Cherry


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