New Video: A song for Drusilla

These are profound days. The days in which, ironically, I share with you this song. Drusilla is a character of a tragedy by French writer Albert Camus. Her death is one of the first events of this play and this event sparkles a violent burst on his brother and lover, and Roman emperor, Caligula. After a famous line, “people die and they’re not happy” he shows himself as a man on a quest for power over the course of life, which is nothing but the quest of the tyrant, trying by all his efforts to be the master of his own destiny and the only way to do it is by indulging pain and fear on others and ending up taking his own life as the final act to defy destiny.

Suicide is one of the leitmotif of Camus, if life is absurd and no one can escape the forces of nature and the rules of universe, if there’s no ruling force that is able to be just with the good and righteous with the bad, than an innocent person can have an horrible death and a tyrant can do away over some time, as we tragically are so well aware now. For Camus this is the most fundamental question, is it life something that is worth to be lived? After deciding upon if we should say yes to life, if we should to take this chance of being among, than the only possible endeavour for oneself is, in the face of the absurd, to be a constructor of meaning. Even if the external forces present themselves as unjust and cruel as they may be there are still good reasons to do good and to show kindness to the kind and intransigence with the evil.

Following Camus thought, for the modern man, these reasons can’t be prescribed by religion or rationality. To be a constructor of meaning one must be an adventurous, a person who is willing to stage his own plot and connect the dots of past events and the present moment. A person who, at the same time, is always available to loose. To detach himself for his own work and assume himself as a random person. And yet, a random person can make a huge difference, we never know the effect of one small gesture. Even if we are not able to understand the totality of things that can happen after one’s intention, our way of being is to be engaged with the world and to take risks, to use imagination and be like an artist; able to enjoy or suffer fully and express it all in his own style or fashion.

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