Master of an ever growing unique sound language, his history already holds several chapters and incarnations. We’ve walked beside him through rock’s threshold, followed his influent work at Merzbau label and stood spectators over this brilliant outcome, where the piano is the heart of a body in constant evolution. We’ve grown accustomed to a creative and even personal search, in the path to the unknown, which frequently delivers moments of discovery and sharing. Ever since a long distant 2006, the process has been rooted through almost a dozen solo records or embracing inspiring collaborations.

What makes Tiago Sousa an isolated example approaching this instrument is the natural detachment from styles and expectations. Too mixed for the classical school canon, in him we listen vaguely jazzistic elements, references gathered in ancient eastern philosophy and a multitude of entangled worlds. Though intimate, the subtleness and magnitude of the emotional implosion of his pieces have no other habitat than universality. Therefore, it’s a genuinely free and liberating genre at its widest dimension, revealing the dream-like curtain proudly flattering the telluric stage.  It’s the deepening and surrender in us towards reality which make him a virtuous at the ability to enumerate silences and their advantages as a score in composing. Finally, the musician’s socio-political conscience makes him a discrete, but assertive active artist, whose work «Coro das Vontades» (performed in 2012 at Teatro Maria Matos and edited this year in CD format) is, no doubt, his greatest accomplishment. One hand covered in dirt and the other in blood, Sousa’s fingers find each key, each note and each image, in a landscape probably giving birth to a new world.

In «Samsara», he crystallized ideas and conceived one of the most passionate registries emerging from the Portuguese scene over the last years. As simple as that. With «Um Piano nas Barricadas», he brings us new and promising horizons, rising through an instrumental diversity’s richness. Here we can find the clarinet’s melody, percussion’s rhythm, classical guitar’s warmth or the harp’s dreamy universe.

The sensitivity in connecting these points reserves the unexpected and the revealing. Yes, it all starts at the piano but, from there, a surprising journey to the listener is born. The result is deranged from what we have come grown accustomed to in his work. And at this moment nothing could make more sense in the career of someone who already left quite an exquisite legacy of his own. Nuno Afonso / ZDB


tiagomacedosousa (at) gmail (dot) com


Past Concerts


25/05 Piano na Garagem (Lisboa)
27/10 Penhasco (Lisboa)
2/11 Livraria Ler Devagar (Lisboa)
15 + 16/11 Biblioteca Municipal do Barreiro
23/11 SMUP (Parede)
30/11 Cossoul (Lisboa)


29/03 Salão Brazil, Coimbra #Pianoday
15/04 Magassessions (Lisboa) Tribute to Federico Mompou Tiago Sousa+Joana Gama+Marco Franco+Steven Gillon
20/04 Damas (Lisboa) Marco Franco (Piano solo) & Tiago Sousa (Piano solo)


3/02 Concertos ao Entardecer, Hostel 1878, Faro
26 de Fevereiro, Magasessions, Lisboa


24/03 ZDB, Lisboa
12/03 SMUP, Parede
03/03 Cate Oto, London
29/01 Teatro de Vila Real
28/01 Ciclo Devolver a Vista, Casa Museu Anastácio Gonçalves (Lisboa)
10/12 Bjazz, Barreiro


5/11 Teatro Gil Vicente (Coimbra)
7/11 Teatro Municipal de Valadares (Caminha)
8/11 SMUP (Parede)
2/08 ZDB, Freedom Now: Evento de solidariedade com os presos políticos de Angola (Lisboa)
1/08 ADÃO, Open Day, Barreiro20/06 ADÃO, Open Day, Barreiro
18/06 Festival Cidade Preocupada, Montemor-o-novo
15/03 Teatro Maria Matos, O Coro das Vontades (Lisboa)


5/12 Festival Lado B, Casa da Cultura (Setúbal) + Timespine
11/12 Guilherme Cossoul, Lisboa
06/09 Magafest@Casa Independente (Lisboa)
16/08 Festival Bons Sons, Tomar
31/05, 16h Serralves em Festa, Porto (+info)
11/05 St George Church, 16h. Concert for pipe organ.
29/03 RDA, Lisboa
15/03 Capela do Palácio dos Condes de Monte Real, Lisboa (Lapa)
09/03 Houseshow Brussels, Belgium
22/02 Culturgest, Lisboa (Festival Rescaldo) Tiago Sousa + Maria Leite


16/12 Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra playing Terry Riley’s In C
24/11 hui23, Brussels (Belgium)
08/11 Tiago Sousa Solo Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa (International Conference: Salman Rushdie in the 21st century)
26/10 Maratona da Música no Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro
19/10 Conservatório Nacional, Lisboa
11/06 MagaSessions
22/06: Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro:
07/06 Les Pies dans Les Nuages, Chapelle des Rosai, Rennes
19/04: Cine Teatro de Estarreja (11pm)
18/04: Mercado Negro, Aveiro
23/03: Le Printimps des Ballots: Église Saint-Léger, Hermin – France (7.30pm)
22/03: Livresse, Nantes – France (8pm)
15/03: Museum of Bissaya Barreto Foundation, Coimbra – Portugal (9.30pm)
14/03: Oporto Gallery Hostel, Porto – Portugal
13/03: Viriato Theater, Viseu – Portugal (10pm)
09/03: Museum of Natural History, Lisbon – Portugal(6pm)


23/11 Círculo de Jazz de Setúbal, Casa da Cultura
6/10 Festival Cargotopia, Porto
15/09 Incubate Festival, Tilburg
08/09 Tenace Boat, Antwerp
07/09 Scheldapen, Antwerp
26/05 Associação Ar Quente, Faro
12/05 Plané Ari Home Gigs, Arras
09/05 Le Bourgh, Lausanne
06/05 MovingFurnitures, House Show, Amsterdam
05/05 Bar Plank, Frankfurt
30/04 Bar, A Barraca, Lisboa
24/04 Mi Casa Es Tu Casa, Barreiro
23/04 Museu do Oriente, Lisbon
09/03 Centro de Artes e Espectáculos, Figueira da Foz
02/03 Vodafone Mexefest, Porto


10/12 Centro Cultural Dom Dinis, Coimbra
21/10 House of Culture César Oliveira, Oliveira do Hospital
14/10 House of Culture of the Quimigual’s Workers, Barreiro
13/10 Trindade Theater, Lisbon
08/10 Cultural Center Vila Flôr, Guimarâes
01/10 Municipal Theater of Guarda
30/09 National Museum Machado de Castro, Coimbra
27/08 Sines em Jazz, Centro de Artes de Sines
14/07 Jazz às Quintas, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa
24/06 ‘Ar no Aquário’ / Galeria Zé Dos Bois, Lisboa
12/06 Poemália, Mostra da Palavra Urbana
04/06 Centro Cultural do Cartaxo
20/05 Museu Da Música, Lisboa
19/05 Fórum Barreiro, Barreiro
28/04 Bar, Teatro A Barraca
16/04 Record Store Day, Flur, Lisbon
02/04 Casa Da Música, Optimus Clubbing, Oporto
26/03 Galeria ZDB, Lisbon
05/02 Music Box, Festival Terapêutico do Ruído, Lisboa


Festival Rescaldo, Lisboa, 23-01-2010
Cine Clube do Barreiro, 30-01-2010 / (c/ PCF Moya)
Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa, 20-02-2010
Livraria Trama, 01-04-2010
Miscelanea, Barcelona, 13-05-2010
Mas Pi, Verges, 14-05-2010
Les Concerts du 7ème Ciel, Paris, 15-05-2010
Plané Ari Home Gigs, Arras, 16-05-2010 (w/ Narthex & vladim)
Schokoladen, Berlin, 19-05-2010 (w/  Edie Fuchs)
Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt, 20-05-2010 (w/ kolter)
La Boîte à Musique, Brussells, 22-05-2010, (w/ Norberto Lobo)
Nowhere Shows, Namur, 23-05-2010  (w/ Half Asleep)
Bacalhoeiros, Lisboa, 27-05-2010 (w/ Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio)
Festival FUMO, Setúbal, 25-06-2010
Sons e Letras, Aldeia de Moledo, Lourinhã 31-07-2010
Arte à Parte, Coimbra, 10-09-2010
Tertúlia Castelense, Maia, 11-09-2010
Livraria Ler Devagar, Lisboa 30-10-2010
Trem Azul Jazz Store, Lisboa, 20-11-2010
Festival MUCO, Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, 04-12-2010
Verdes são os Cantos, Livraria Buchholz, Lisboa, 17-12-2010
Botequim da Graça, Lisboa, 23-12-2010


La Centrale, Bordeaux 11-01-2009
für flüssigkeiten & schwingungen, Stuttgart 15-01-2009
Pit Noack’s Flat, Hannover 17-01-2009
Edie Fuchs’s Flat, Berlin (w/ Edie Fuchs) 20-01-2009
Schokoladen, Berlin (w/ Jamina Maschina and House of Light) 21-01-2009
Violon Dingue, Nantes, (w/ Elwood & Gutherie)
Os Franceses, Barreiro 31-01-2009 (c/ Lobster, Traumático Desmame e Chicken Birdie Joe)
Livraria Trama, Lisboa 5-02-2009
Galeria Desasssossego, Beja 27-02-2009
O Século, Lisboa 17-04-2009 (w Monomoy)
Mercado Quebra Costas, Coimbra, 09-05-2009
Mercado 1º de Maio, Barreiro, 10-09-2009
Museu da Música, Lisboa, 02-10-2009
Galeria Zé Dos Bois, Lisboa, 04-12-2009
Auditório SOM, Marinha Grande, 05-12-2009


Painted Music In Motion Pictures, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa 05-01-2008 (w/ B)
Mercado Negro, Aveiro 31-01-2008 (w/ Walter Benjamin)
Tertúlia Castelense, Maia 01-02-2008 (w/ Walter Benjamin)
Auditório da Biblioteca, Barcelos 02-02-2008 (w/ Walter Benjamin)
Livraria Trama, Lisboa 07-02-2008
Niu Gallery, Barcelona 13-02-2008 (w/ Narwhal)
Heliogàbal, Barcelona 14-02-2008 (w/ Mikey Opens Doors)
D’alma Lounge, Lisboa 09-03-2008 (Lançamento do Livro “Férreos Transversais” de Alice Turvo)
Pastelaria Ti Maria, Lisboa 20-03-2008
Zé Dos Bois, Macadame, Lisboa (w/ Walter Benjamin+Noiserv and Alexandre Bateiras) 03-05-2008
Chapelaria, Macadame, Barreiro (Out.fest) 09-05-2008
Maxime, Lisboa (w/ Mariana Ricardo) 04-06-2008
Santiago Alquimista, Lisboa (opening for Shannon Wright) 18-06-2008
Convento da Verderena, Barreiro 02-08-2008
Arraial da Juventude Perdida, Barreiro 30-08-2008
AMAC – Barreiro Outras Músicas, Barreiro (opening for Vic Chesnutt) 18-09-2008
ZDB, Lisboa (opening for Pal Metzger) 17-10-2008
La casa de Los Jacintos, Madrid (opening for Paul Metzger) 18-10-2008


MusicBox, Lisboa: 04-01-2007 (w/ Osso and Lobster)
Espaço, Lisboa, 13-01-2007 (w/ Noiserv)
Chapelaria, Barreiro 02-02-2007 (w/ PCF Moya + Manuel Gião)
Sociedade Guilherme Cossoul, Lisboa 15-03-2007 (w/ SRX and Walter Benjamin)
Espaço J, Barreiro 16-03-2007 (w/ SRX)
Sociedade Capricho, Setúbal 17-03-2007 (W/ SRX and Walter Benjamin)
Crew Hassan, Lisboa 31-03-2007(w/ b)
Incrível Club, Almada 04-05-2007
Mercado Negro, Aveiro 08-09-2007 (w/ Chat aka Mademoiselle)
Museu de Olaria, Barcelos 09-09-2007 (w/ Chat aka Mademoiselle)
Festival Inversion, ZDB Lisboa 13-10-2007 (w/ Harry Astra, Rafael Toral and Julianna Barwick)
Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa 01-12-2007 (w/ Library Tapes and Azevedo Silva)
Casa da Cultura César Oliveira, Oliveira do Hospital 08-12-2007 (mostra de artes plásticas Agirarte)


Chapelaria, Barreiro: 15-09-2006 (w/ PCF Moya)
Lounge, Lisboa, Debut feat Tiago Sousa, 19-10-2006 (w/ Noiserv)
Galeria Santa Clara, Coimbra: 08-11-2006 (w/ Noiserv)